New Year…. New MULBERRY

Taylors are proud to be the first to introduce the new MULBERRY eyewear range to store.

The collection exclusive to Taylors in the Armagh area hits the shelves this month ahead of it’s Spring/Summer launch globally, meaning that our customers are the first to get a ‘sneak peak’ of this exciting new collection.

If you’re as excited as us about the debut of Mulberry prescription glasses, then here is a look back at the history of this world renowned brand.

Mulberry was founded by Roger Saul and his mother Joan in 1971. Saul initiated the brand at his kitchen table and with just £500 backing from his mother, it didn’t take Mulberry long to claim its crown as a household name. In 1973 they opened a factory in Somerset. This area was already established for leather fabrication (notably Clarkes shoes). This factory continues to this day to make mulberry leather merchandise. The one aspect that is mainly associated with Mulberry is the infamous tree logo. This was created by Saul’s sister, and was inspired by tree’s that he would pass everyday on his way to school.

Mulberry’s first designs were buckled leather belts. However Mulberry handbags are one the brand’s wildest successes. The Trout Satchel, the Bayswater and the Alexa are all exceptional examples of  their iconic design, which is what Mulberry’s creative director promises to bring to the new Mulberry glasses collection. The world first collection will include sophisticated optical frames, which will complement the Mulberry’s core leather goods offering. With eyewear being an important category in building a lifestyle image, it’s only natural that Mulberry’s newest line will be Mulberry prescription glasses.


Mulberry will be available on our shelves from Mid February. Check out our social media for updates.