Why an eye test?

You have only one pair of eyes – once lost, your eyesight may never be replaced.

Let us help you look after them

Modern lifestyles, involving heavy usage of computers, consoles, iPhones, driving in all conditions and possibly viewing too much television mean our eyes are under increasing strain. Having healthy and well cared for eyes can make a massive difference to our all round wellbeing. Therefore routine eye exams are vital – regardless of your age or your physical health as a number of diseases without symptoms can be identified during an eye exam.

At Taylors Fashion Opticians we have the latest eye examination technology to enable us to assess the state of your vision, the health of your eyes and also help identify other general health conditions.

If you have not been tested within the last 2 years we strongly recommend you have an eye examination soon.

Your appointment can be booked online, by phone or indeed call in and see us!